John Chiang for Governor

A different road
for California

Meet John

John Chiang is widely recognized as California’s fiscally responsible progressive leader. As our state’s Controller (2007-2014) and current Treasurer, he has a proven track record of increasing transparency and accessibility in state government and holding government officials accountable when they refuse to do their job.

John stood up to Wall Street banks — like Wells Fargo – and has saved the state billions of dollars through audits and debt restructuring. John has the progressive vision California needs and the fiscal responsibility to pay for it.

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John is running for Governor to make sure the future his parents were able to provide for him becomes a reality for the future of all California families. John will continue to fight for the millions of Californians who feel economically sidelined by the opportunities enjoyed by past generations, — fighting specifically for those who now feel homeownership, college affordability and a dignified retirement is wholly out of reach.

Proudly Endorsed By

  • Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher | California State Assemblymember, California District 80

    “If I think of all the things that benefit our community… then there is only one candidate who has been committed to these issues across the board, and that's John Chiang."

  • Brad Sherman | Congressman, California District 30

    “[John’s] proven track record of accountability and transparency, paired with his financial expertise qualifies his candidacy for governor, Treasurer Chiang will also best represent California’s values in Sacramento.”

  • Mark Takano | Congressman, California District 41

    “I have known John Chiang for over twenty-five years and I can say he is an honorable man you can trust!"

  • Norman Yee | Supervisor, San Francisco County

    "John is the only candidate who has put forward an affordable housing plan that’s real, that’s supported by the Governor and the Legislator, and will work to make affordable housing a reality…”

  • Judy Chu | Congresswoman, California District 27

    “John has never turned his back on the diverse members of this community. John knows that healthcare is a right and has carried that belief with him throughout his career in public service and will continue to do so as our next Governor.”

  • Georgette Goméz | Councilmember, 9th District City of San Diego

    “As treasurer, John has led the charge in financing more affordable housing in our state. He’s also committed to cleaner air and a more livable earth for all our communities, especially those that are under served and lacking green space. I’m proud to endorse John because he has a proven record of accomplishments, and I trust him to implement a progressive vision for our state.”

  • Michelle Burton | President of Run Women Run

    "John Chiang has long been a supporter and fighter issues that affect women most ... We are honored to have someone with such an extensive history supporting women’s rights'."

  • Jose Huizar | Councilmember, City of Los Angeles

    “John Chiang is a powerful voice for working class families and has a record of fighting for communities. John Chiang is the candidate for Governor with the experience and passion to fight for a better future for all Californians.”

  • Bob Wieckowski | State Senator, California District 10

    “John has real solutions for the issues that Californians are facing. His fiscal responsibility and know-how, along with his progressive leadership is what qualifies John to be our next governor."

  • Das Williams | Supervisor, Santa Barbara County

    “[John] has saved taxpayers over $9 billion dollars in government waste and abuse and voted against off-shore oil drilling to preserve our environment. That’s the leadership California needs.”

  • Ted Lieu | Congressman, California District 33

    “John has a strong record of standing up for the common person, taking a different road and getting things done. We need a candidate we can trust, one we can relate to, one with the courage to hold others accountable.”

  • Rick Bonilla | Mayor, City of San Mateo

    “John Chiang is the one gubernatorial candidate with a track record of results when it comes to financing more affordable housing for Californians, and the only candidate with an actual plan going forward

  • Ron Galperin | Controller, City of Los Angeles

    “Especially now, we need a leader who will fight for all Californians and stand up for our values. I know the quality of his leadership, seeing first-hand how he has been a steady force for good, taking on the big banks, and leading with an evenhanded approach to strengthen our state. I support John Chiang because we share a commitment to fiscal responsibility, openness, and accountability. John Chiang will be a governor who will lead by example and build bridges, which is why I am proud to support his candidacy for governor.”

  • Francine Busby | Chair Emeritus, San Diego County Democratic Party

    “As the former chair of the San Diego County Democratic Party, an activist in our party, and an advocate for women and families, I know John is the candidate who will fight to support a progressive vision that invests in California’s important priorities, like affordable housing, public education, and healthcare. And only John has put forward a plan to ensure no woman has to say ‘Me Too’ ever again. I have no doubt John is the strongest advocate for California’s women, children, and families, and I trust him to get the job done.”

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