John's Proven Record as Controller and Treasurer

  • As State Controller, John was a vigilant watchdog of state’s finances identifying over $9.5 billion waste, fraud and abuse of taxpayer dollars over the course of his service
  • Played a key role in passing Secure Choice, a state sponsored retirement plan helping 7.5 million Californians — with almost no cost to the state
  • Fought against corruption in local government by exposing cities like Bell that were ripping off the state pension system
  • Held his own party accountable by withholding the pay of state legislators when they failed to pass a balanced state budget on time as required by the state constitution.
  • Took on Governor Schwarzenegger by refusing to implement an order to cut the salaries of state workers to the minimum wage in order to balance the state budget.
  • Cut-off corrupt Wall Street banks — like Wells Fargo — from their most profitable lines of business with the State of California to protect residents from their predatory practices
  • Increased transparency in government by making pay and benefits of all state and local public employees available on line.
  • Led the effort to reform the State’s Unclaimed Property Program and helped return $3.1 billion in unclaimed property to Californians
  • Preserved our state’s credit rating during the Great Recession to ensure we met our commitment to our schools and saved taxpayers millions of dollars
  • Sponsored bills to increase transparency in campaign finance and lobbyist activity with the state
  • Served as a leader in pension and corporate governance reform, helping curb pension-spiking and address unfunded liabilities
  • Created a program through the Treasurer’s office providing millions of dollars to help build and finance thousands of affordable housing units