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Solidifying his Diverse Support: Gubernatorial Candidate, John Chiang Delivers Keynote Speech at the Mexican American Business and Professional Association’s Monthly Meeting


San Diego, CA – Expanding his diverse coalition of support, gubernatorial candidate John Chiang is key noting the Mexican American Business and Professional Association (MABPA) during their monthly meeting today in San Diego.

The Mexican American Business and Professional Association is an advocacy group comprised of professionals in San Diego focused on diversifying government at all levels so that underserved communities are adequately represented. For more than 38 years, MABPA has followed its mission of prioritizing access, advocacy, and prosperity for all San Diego communities. It now has a network of nearly 1,000 business professionals, community leaders, and elected officials.

“We all come from different backgrounds; our similarities bind us more than our differences. That’s what makes California so unique from the rest of the nation,” said Chiang. “Increased opportunities through education can improve economic stability, social equity, and community empowerment for all Californians. I am incredibly humbled and encouraged by the support of the Mexican American Business and Professional Association whose work has improved the livelihood of our diverse communities.”

Chiang has now received key endorsements from Latino leaders and organizations such as Speaker of the Assembly Anthony Rendon and the Chicano Latino Immigrant Caucus of Los Angeles County. The Chicano Latino Immigrant Democratic Club of Los Angeles County is a prominent club in the Los Angeles region. They empower Chicano and Latinos in Los Angeles, and throughout the state of California, to become leaders within their communities and at the state and federal level.