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Gubernatorial Candidate, John Chiang Speaks to Planned Parenthood and Run Women Run about the Importance of More Women Running for Public Office


Pasadena, CA – Gubernatorial candidate John Chiang will be the honorary guest speaker at an annual event hosted by Planned Parenthood and “Men of Run Women Run.”  “Men of Run Women Run” is an appreciative event for male leaders who are standing side by side with women as they seek to run for public office and breaking down the barriers women face as they run in their quest for equity in California and in our country.

On the evening of Friday, July 14th, Chiang will speak as the honorary guest for the annual Men of Run Women Run event.

“John Chiang has long been a supporter and fighter issues that affect women most. Whether it’s access to healthcare, a good education or their own rights to reproductive, Treasurer Chiang has always been in our corner and in fact served on the board of Planned Parenthood for 12 years prior to running for office. We are honored to have someone with such an extensive history supporting women’s rights, speak at our annual “Men of Run Women Run” event where we aim to inspire women to run for public office at the local, state, and federal levels,” stated Michelle Burton, President of Run Women Run.

While speaking at the Planned Parenthood event in San Diego, California, Chiang plans on encouraging and inspiring women to run for public office.

“For all of my life, I have been supporting women’s right to reproductive health services, equal pay in the workplace, and have been standing side by side women in their quest for equality. We need to do a better job at galvanizing women to seek public office, because when we uplift women, we uplift families, we uplift entire communities and uplift our great state and country,” expressed Chiang.