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State Treasurer’s Office introduces new ‘Business Incentives Gateway’

California is rolling out a one-stop digital marketplace to help businesses grow, as well as recruit businesses to the state.The website is particularly aimed at small businesses and entrepreneurs.State Treasurer John Chiang’s office developed what he’s calling a groundbreaking tool.The treasurer was in San Diego Wednesday to meet with business leaders to tout a program called, “The California Business Incentives Gateway.”It brings together hundreds of local, state and federal development business incentives in one easy website.Source: KUSI - Watch Video Here 

State Treasurer to Launch State’s 1st Online Business Development Marketplace

California State Treasurer John Chiang will present the state’s first online business development marketplace to San Diego-area businesses this week as part of its official launch.The California Business Incentives Gateway (CBIG) connects small business owners and entrepreneurs with incentives, including site selection services, targeted tax breaks, training grants, fee waivers, permit assistance, low-cost or tax-exempt financing, reduced utility rates, employee recruitment among others.Having all of the information on one website should make it easier for businesses that are expanding or relocating to California to apply for various incentives.Through CBIG, “businesses will discover...

In SF, Treasurer Chiang touts his fiscal savvy in his quest to be governor

Democratic state Treasurer John Chiang has a little over 10 weeks before the June 5 primary to convince voters that the state needs a numbers guy as California’s next governor.“Fiscal policy is social policy,” he told a crowd at the University of San Francisco Thursday evening. “People care about money. We don’t want people homeless. We don’t want people starving.”There’s little doubt that Chiang, 55, knows the day-to-day financial workings of government better than anyone else running for governor. After getting his law degree from Georgetown University, he moved to California to work for the Internal Revenue Service and...

CalSavers gives Californians a chance at a more secure retirement

 We are in the midst of a silver tsunami that will wash nearly half of all working Californians onto the rocky shore of economic hardship. Our current retirement security problem could soon become a humanitarian crisis — if we fail to act.Our senior population, those Californians 65 and older, will nearly double in the next 15 years. With too little income they risk falling into impoverishment. Relying on Social Security alone many will have to choose between rent and medicine, or work until their bodies give out.The pioneering CalSavers program, previously...