John's Proven Record as Controller and Treasurer

Fighting for Us

As a child of immigrant parents, John and his siblings grew up in a much different time. His parents arrived in this country, each dreaming of a better future. While their determination and relentlessness led to a middle class neighborhood with better schools, they still experienced bigotry, as the first Asian American Family on the block. But John’s parents never gave up on a better life for his family and that’s why he will never give up on the same for you.

John is running for Governor to make sure that the opportunities afforded to his parents — the American Dream — will once again be within reach for all California families.

That’s why John has dedicated over two decades to fighting for fiscally responsible policies that strive for economic equality, increased access to a quality education and an opportunity to provide a better future for our children.

John’s Proven Record as Treasurer and Controller:

  • As State Controller, John was a vigilant watchdog of state’s finances identifying over $9.5 billion waste, fraud and abuse of taxpayer dollars over the course of his service
  • Played a key role in passing Secure Choice, a state sponsored retirement plan helping 7.5 million Californians — with almost no cost to the state
  • Fought against corruption in local government by exposing cities like Bell that were ripping off the state pension system
  • Held his own party accountable by withholding the pay of state legislators when they failed to pass a balanced state budget on time as required by the state constitution.
  • Took on Governor Schwarzenegger by refusing to implement an order to cut the salaries of state workers to the minimum wage in order to balance the state budget.
  • Cut-off corrupt Wall Street banks — like Wells Fargo — from their most profitable lines of business with the State of California to protect residents from their predatory practices
  • Increased transparency in government by making pay and benefits of all state and local public employees available on line.
  • Led the effort to reform the State’s Unclaimed Property Program and helped return $3.1 billion in unclaimed property to Californians
  • Preserved our state’s credit rating during the Great Recession to ensure we met our commitment to our schools and saved taxpayers millions of dollars
  • Sponsored bills to increase transparency in campaign finance and lobbyist activity with the state
  • Served as a leader in pension and corporate governance reform, helping curb pension-spiking and address unfunded liabilities
  • Created a program through the Treasurer’s office providing millions of dollars to help build and finance thousands of affordable housing units