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Affordable Housing and Homelessness

Every Californian has a right to an affordable, decent place to call home. Within the decade, my goal is to place a roof over the heads of an additional four million low- and moderate-income Californians by investing additional public resources into affordable housing production and doubling local government permitting activity for all types of housing.

Sexual Harassment and Assault

As the recent disclosures by the courageous women who have stood up to denounce sexual harassment and assault in state government have demonstrated, it is long past time to change the culture in Sacramento and throughout state government. Accountability must begin at the top. We must answer the brave victims who have declared #TimesUp.


We need to do everything possible to look holistically at ways to improve our education system so every student has an opportunity to achieve their dreams.

Higher Education

When California originally adopted its Master Plan for Higher Education in 1960, it expressed the intent that higher education “remain accessible, affordable, high-quality and accountable” (Legislative Analyst’s Office, 2004). In recent decades, however, the State of California has throttled down its investment in higher education. Higher education’s falling share of the state budget has meant increased costs for students and their families, larger class sizes, and an ongoing challenge to community colleges, CSUs, and UCs to maintain the quality of instruction that has made California a model for the rest of the world. As a result, over the past 20 years, tuition has tripled for UC and CSU undergraduate students. With room, board, and books, the cost for an in-state UC undergraduate student can now top $30,000 each year.

Affordable and Accessible Health Care

Health care is a right for all, not a privilege for just the wealthy. As governor, I will build a health care system that not only works for everyone in California, but that specifically takes the necessary steps to move our state towards a single-payer system.

Clean Air and Livable Earth

We are seeing the effects of climate change everywhere — extreme weather, unprecedented sea level rising, increased air pollution, mudslides, wildfires, and loss of animal habitat, to name just a few. And the last two years have been the two hottest on record. While we may have a president in the White House who doesn’t believe in climate change, an EPA Administrator who is dead set on killing the EPA, and an Interior Secretary who doesn’t care about our public lands, California can still stand up to President Trump and his Administration, and lead the way.

Dignified Retirement

After a lifetime of hard work, every Californian deserves a secure retirement. Unfortunately, the ability to retire with dignity has become an elusive dream for millions of Californians. More than one third of California households have virtually no savings. And nearly half of California’s workers are on track to retire with incomes below 200 percent of the federal poverty level — at an estimated $22,000 per year.

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