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Democratic Party Leaders Support Chiang for Governor


Two key Democratic Party Leaders Endorse John Chiang for Governor

John Chiang has received the endorsement of two prominent California Democratic Party Officers: Alexandra “Alex” Gallardo-Rooker, 1st Vice Chair, and Jenny Bach, Secretary.

Gallardo-Rooker and Bach are two of the five statewide officers of the Party. None of the other three statewide Party leaders have yet made an endorsement in the Governor’s race.

John Chiang was touted as the gubernatorial candidate with the strongest track record of moving beyond rhetoric to taking action, as well as bringing activist Democrats along his political journey.

“Actions speak louder than words. Action is what we have seen from our State Treasurer John Chiang…John has stood up for state workers, LGBTQI, low-income, and communities of color; not just when it’s popular, or because a poll says it is the thing to do, but because it is the right thing to do.”

  -Alex Gallardo-Rooker 1st Vice Chair, California Democratic Party

“As we resist a President who has a history of sexually harassing women, will we support the candidate who stands behind women, and who has served on the Board of Planned Parenthood?…For me the answer is clear. John Chiang is everything we need in the next Governor and more.”

-Jenny Bach, Secretary California Democratic Party

Chiang responded: “To be endorsed by two incredible Democratic Party leaders such as Alex Gallardo-Rooker and Jenny Bach means a lot. These are two women that have dedicated themselves to Democratic causes, and they wanted a candidate who they can trust, someone with integrity and stands up for the rights of women, and is steadfast in their commitment to Democratic principles. I am honored that they have seen these qualities in me and my work, and recognized that I will continue to bring these qualities to my work as Governor.”


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