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John Chiang Endorsed by AAPI Democratic Club of San Diego


John Chiang’s campaign for governor today announced the endorsement of AAPI Democratic Club of San Diego.

“John Chiang has always been a man of integrity, dedication, and he’s fought for what’s right, which is why we trust him to lead our great state,” said Matt Yagyagan, President of the AAPI Democratic Club of San Diego. “Throughout his career, John has fought to empower the vulnerable and the underrepresented, and pushed for a more inclusive California, both in the private sector and in our state government. We trust him to not only be a strong voice for Asian American communities, but for all communities across California. There’s no doubt he’ll implement a progressive future for our state, which is why the AAPI Democratic Club of San Diego is proud to give John our strongest endorsement.”

“I want to thank the AAPI Democratic Club of San Diego for their endorsement and for making a positive difference for Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders living in San Diego County,” said Chiang. “I truly believe that when our leadership reflects the diversity of America, it makes America stronger. During my time in public office, I’ve fought to expand opportunities for Asian Americans, and all communities of color. The fight for inclusion and diversity is one I take to heart, and it’s why Californians can trust me to take bold action to invest in our schools, create more affordable housing, and fight for a more equitable society.”

As a member of the State Board of Equalization, as state controller, and as state treasurer, Chiang has consistently fought to protect and invest in Californians:

  • When Wells Fargo began ripping off hundreds of thousands of innocent Californians and millions of other Americans, including vulnerable seniors, immigrants, veterans, and low-income communities, Chiang imposed sanctions on the bank and cut Wells Fargo off from their most profitable lines of business in California.
  • Chiang recently put forward a higher education plan that will ensure Californians are the first priority when it comes to enrollment at public colleges and universities, rolls back tuition and fees for the University of California and California State University systems, and makes it easier for students to refinance their loans.
  • Chiang has also put forward an education plan that would invest more in K-12 education, obtain and train new teachers, and invest more in public education.
  • By restructuring California’s state debt to generate more than $6 billion for schools, infrastructure, and public safety, Chiang brought back our failing state economy.
  • As state treasurer, Chiang has been the state’s leader in working to fund affordable housing, and revamped his office’s affordable housing programs — increasing development by 80% since 2014. He’s now working to place a roof over the heads of an additional four million low and moderate-income Californians in the next decade.
  • Chiang is the only candidate for governor to put forward a plan to prevent sexual harassment and abuse in Sacramento and throughout state government.
  • Chiang came up with the idea of giving $20 million in ‘lifeline grants’ to California’s 1,200 community health clinics, ensuring women and families could receive access to preventative health services and other vital health needs.
  • During the 2008 budget stalemate, then-Controller Chiang refused to implement Governor Schwarzenegger’s directive demanding the salaries of more than 200,000 government employees be cut to the federal minimum wage of $6.55 an hour — taking the governor to court to protect the pay of our hardworking public servants.
  • Chiang was one of the chief architects of Secure Choice/CalSavers — a state sponsored retirement plan that is set to herald in the most significant change to retirement savings since Social Security was enacted in the 1930s, and that will help up to 7.5 million Californians — with almost no cost to the state.