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John Chiang Endorsed By Burbank Democratic Club


LOS ANGELES, CA – John Chiang’s campaign for governor today announced the endorsement of the Burbank Democratic Club. The Burbank Democratic Club is officially chartered by the Los Angeles County Democratic Party and the Democratic Party of the San Fernando Valley, and is the leading organization for Democrats and progressives in the City of Burbank.

“I’m honored to receive the support of the Burbank Democratic Club,” said Chiang. “I’ve represented Burbank my entire elected career, and I have worked hard to earn the support of its residents. As governor, I promise to continue fighting for the people of Burbank, and for all Californians.

“I’ll work with elected and business leaders and members of the community to implement a progressive vision for California that will create more jobs, invest in education, and provide affordable healthcare for all, and we will accomplish all this while balancing our budget.

“With the support of Burbank Democrats, we will have a victory to celebrate in November.”

Today’s endorsement adds to the growing list of endorsements John Chiang has already received for governor of California.


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