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John Chiang Endorsed by Opposing Gubernatorial Candidate Michael Bracamontes



John Chiang’s campaign for governor today announced the endorsement of gubernatorial candidate Michael Bracamontes. Bracamontes, an opponent of Chiang’s until today, announced his endorsement as he publicly withdrew his name from consideration for governor.

“After having an up-close perspective of all the candidates, I have decided to endorse John Chiang for Governor,” said Bracamontes. “I believe that John embodies the values of trust, fairness, and hard work that align with the vast majority of Californians.”

“I want to thank Michael for endorsing my campaign,” said Chiang. “Michael has spent his career standing up for workers and against large insurance companies that aim to take advantage of Californians. Whether it’s been standing up to Wells Fargo for ripping off California families or Governor Schwarzenegger for playing politics with workers’ paychecks, I’ve always fought for what’s fair for Californians. I thank Michael for trusting me to lead our state with honesty and integrity, and I know he’ll continue to be a strong advocate for the welfare and well-being of all Californians.”

Bracamontes joins a long list of elected officials and organizations across California that have endorsed Chiang in the last few weeks alone.

During his time in public office, John Chiang has fought to protect California’s working families and public employees:

  • As state treasurer, Chiang has been the state’s leader in working to fund affordable housing, and revamped his office’s affordable housing programs, increasing development by 80% since 2014.
  • As governor, Chiang will go even further by implementing a plan that will place a roof over the heads of an additional four million low- and moderate-income Californians in the next decade.
  • During the 2008 budget stalemate, then-Controller Chiang refused to implement Governor Schwarzenegger’s directive demanding the salaries of more than 200,000 government employees be cut to the federal minimum wage of $6.55 an hour, taking the governor to court to protect the pay of our hardworking public servants.
  • In 2009, then-Controller Chiang refused to implement Governor Schwarzenegger’s directive to furlough the state workforce. Chiang was later vindicated when the California Supreme Court ruled no governor can issue such a furlough order by unilateral fiat.
  • As a state elected official and an ex-officio board member of the CalPERS/CalSTRS systems for many years, Chiang has fought to protect the pensions of public employees and prevent reductions in benefits.