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John Chiang Endorsed by Sacramento County Young Democrats


LOS ANGELES, CA – John Chiang’s campaign for governor today announced the endorsement of the Sacramento County Young Democrats (SCYD). The SCYD is the largest Young Democrat chapter in Northern California and the second largest in the state.

“I’m so excited to have the endorsement and support of such motivated and dedicated young progressives,” said Chiang. “With the support of the Sacramento Young Dems, I know we’ll continue to have the grassroots momentum to not only advance past the June primary and win in November, but can work towards a progressive future for California that will create jobs, provide healthcare to all, increase access to affordable housing, and give every young person the opportunity to earn a higher education degree.”

“Time and again, John Chiang has shown that he’ll be the enforcer who stands up and fights to protect the people of California,” said Eric Flores, Political Director for the Sacramento County Young Democrats. “John held Wells Fargo accountable and made them pay when they were caught ripping off hundreds of thousands of Californians. John is working to end the crippling debt students graduate college with by giving every Californian access to two years of free community college. And only John has put forward a plan to end the culture of sexual harassment and abuse in Sacramento, and finally hold oppressors responsible. The Sacramento Young Democrats are proud to endorse John because he’s the proven champion we can trust to do what’s right and never back away from a fight.”

As a member of the State Board of Equalization, as state controller, and as state treasurer, Chiang has consistently fought to protect and invest in California’s young people:

  • When Wells Fargo began ripping off hundreds of thousands of innocent Californians and millions of other Americans, Chiang imposed sanctions on the bank and cut Wells Fargo off from their most profitable lines of business in California.
  • Chiang has put forward an education plan that would invest more in K-12 education, obtain and train new teachers, and return California to its community college roots by providing every student with access to two free years of community college.
  • As state treasurer, Chiang has been the state’s leader in working to fund affordable housing, and revamped his office’s affordable housing programs, increasing development by 80% since 2014. He’s now working to place a roof over the heads of an additional four million low and moderate-income Californians in the next decade.
  • John is the only candidate for governor to put forward a plan to prevent sexual harassment and abuse in Sacramento and throughout state government.
  • Chiang is a strong supporter of single-payer health care and was the one that came up with the idea for ‘lifeline grants’ — providing California’s 1,200 community health clinics with $20 million so they could keep their doors open when Congress attacked Obamacare.
  • During the 2008 budget stalemate, then-Controller Chiang refused to implement Governor Schwarzenegger’s directive demanding the salaries of more than 200,000 government employees be cut to the federal minimum wage of $6.55 an hour — taking the governor to court to protect the pay of our hardworking public servants.
  • In 2009, then-Controller Chiang refused to implement Governor Schwarzenegger’s directive to furlough the state workforce. Chiang was later vindicated when the California Supreme Court ruled no governor can issue such a furlough order by unilateral fiat.
  • By restructuring California’s state debt to generate more than $6 billion for schools, infrastructure, and public safety, John brought back our failing state economy.


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