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John Chiang Releases California Clean Air Road Map


The Environmental Plan Calls for Investments in Green and Renewable Energy Technology

 Pushes for 100% Carbon-Free Energy by 2045

A day after Earth Day, John Chiang’s campaign for governor today released the California Road Map for Clean Air and Livable Earth. The Road Map is Chiang’s environmental policy platform, calling for investments in renewable and carbon-free energy, zero emission vehicles, environmental justice for all communities, and a robust green bond market.

“With a president in the White House who ignores science and doesn’t believe in climate change, California’s next governor must lead the way on both the national and global stage and take bold action to clean our air, slow climate change, and green our economy,” said Chiang. “I’m calling for ambitious and robust investments in zero-emission vehicles, renewable energy, and green technologies, with a green bond market to ensure we adequately fund these projects. After standing up to Big Oil, representing California during international climate talks, and hosting our state’s first green bond symposium, Californians can trust me to deliver on a green future. For the sake of our children and our families, California must work towards cleaner air and a more livable earth for all communities, no matter what their zip code.”

The California Road Map for Clean Air and Livable Earth takes a multi-pronged approach to preserving and protecting California’s environment:

  • California should utilize 100% renewable and carbon-free energy by 2045.
  • All new cars should be zero-emission and fossil fuel free by 2035. If technological innovation beats forecasts, the target date should be moved up.
  • Chiang will work to immediately make all new state building construction carbon neutral as governor. This means combining highly efficient buildings with renewable on-site or procured power. By 2030, all legacy state buildings should be retrofitted to be carbon neutral.
  • Local communities will be offered meaningful opportunities for input on environmental justice issues and offered real remedies to concerns. People who live and work in California’s most polluted environments are more commonly people of color, and these vulnerable communities are disproportionately burdened with pollutants.
  • California must accelerate the maturation of the U.S. green bond market to finance green infrastructure and a cleaner economy. Green bonds are a form of public or private-sector debt used to finance climate-friendly and environmental projects.

Chiang’s full California Road Map for Clean Air and Livable Earth can be found here.