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John Chiang Statement on Equal Pay Day


John Chiang released the following statement on Equal Pay Day:

“It’s outrageous that in 2018, we must still advocate for paying women what they’re worth. The average American woman must work 100 more days than their male colleagues to make the same earnings. The discrepancy is even worse for women of color. Here in California, Asian American women earn 75 cents for every dollar a man does, African American women earn 59 cents, and Latina women only earn 42 cents compared to their male counterparts.

“We need more women in senior leadership positions to end this injustice. Through my ‘30 and 30’ initiative, we will require corporate partners of the nation’s two largest pension funds to have boards that are comprised of at least 30 percent women and at least 30 percent people of color because we need more women, more people of color, and more members of the LGBTQIA community with a seat at the table. And you can believe I’m leading by example because 75 percent of the senior leadership in my office is comprised of either women or individuals of color.

“But the fight for equality and fairness extends beyond equal pay. It’s long past due we knock down the barriers that hold women back. Whether it is standing up to sexual harassment and abuse, providing access to health and reproductive services, increasing women representation in government and the private sector, or guaranteeing paid family and medical leave, we must empower women and lift them up.

“Women deserve respect and equality not just today, but every day. California women can trust me to fight to close the wage gap and work to ensure they’re given the respect, dignity, and fair treatment they deserve. We must finally hire more women, promote more women, and give women the equal pay they deserve.”