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John Chiang Statement On Justice Department Suit Against California’s Sanctuary Status



John Chiang released the following statement after the Justice Department filed a lawsuit against the State of California, claiming the state violated the Constitution by declaring itself a “sanctuary state”:

“Immigrants are our friends and neighbors, they teach our children, and they proudly serve in our nation’s military. These are individuals and families who work hard, contribute to this country, and are pursuing a better life for themselves and for their children. 

“Yet, time and again, President Trump and his Administration heartlessly attack our immigrant communities. Instead of working to provide these families with real solutions and a pathway to citizenship, the president and his Administration continue to drive them further into the shadows. Attorney General Sessions’ lawsuit against our state is just the latest example of this Administration’s hateful and racially charged rhetoric.

“California has long paved the way for the national battle for immigrant rights. This state was built on the backs of immigrants, and it’s why I refuse to turn my back on them. I supported our state’s sanctuary bill, and will fight to defend it as governor.

“I support our immigrant communities and am firmly against Attorney General Sessions’ politically motivated lawsuit. California refuses to be a cog in Donald Trump’s deportation machine, and we will not tolerate these attacks on our communities. This isn’t just a stand against the Administration, this is a statement of values. I value California’s immigrant communities and continue to proudly stand with them.”