John Chiang | Press Releases

Statement on Arrest of Harvey Weinstein


The following is a statement by State Treasurer and gubernatorial candidate John Chiang on the arrest of Harvey Weinstein after being charged with rape and sexual abuse:

“Seven months after the start of a watershed movement in this country, the women that Harvey Weinstein abused and harassed are beginning to see some measure of justice. We must continue to stand with these brave survivors and all women who have dealt with sexual harassment and abuse, and encourage them to continue stepping forward to tell their stories. Just as importantly, we, as a society, must stop making excuses and exceptions, and hear, believe, and answer the calls for justice if we ever want to declare #TimesUp. 

“Women across the country have shown tremendous courage. Now, it’s on us to continue to stand alongside them and denounce sexual harassment and assault in Hollywood, in the boardroom, and in politics. We must make it clear that any individual who has abused their power is unfit to serve or wield that power any longer.

“Finally, we must continue to work to change the culture of sexual harassment that has been left unchecked. I pledge that I will do my part, and it’s why I have not only put forward a plan to further prevent the abuse we’ve seen from the state legislature to our City Halls, but will adopt those policies as governor. Justice must and will prevail.”