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John Chiang Statement On Sexual Harassment Records Released By State Legislature


LOS ANGELES, CA – Treasurer John Chiang, candidate for governor, released the following statement after the California State Senate and Assembly released dozens of records related to sexual harassment complaints against legislators and staff:

“The brave victims and survivors who have come out and declared Me Too have my complete support. I hear you, I believe you, and I’m the one you can trust to do something about it.

“Powerful men have abused their power for far too long, and today’s news makes it even more clear that sexual harassment and abuse is not just a problem in Hollywood and in the board room, but in government and politics as well. Let me be clear, any man who has abused his power and sexually harassed others is unfit to serve: as a legislator, as a mayor, or as governor.

“It’s long past time we change the culture of abuse in this country, in our state, and especially in Sacramento. I have already put forward a plan to further prevent the abuse we’ve seen from the state legislature to our City Halls, and will adopt those policies as governor.

“As progressives, we have to stop making excuses and exceptions, and hold ourselves to the highest standards possible. I am the only candidate Californians can trust to put an end to the commonality of abuse in our Capitol, and stand up to the abusers with a resolute Times Up.”


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