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U.S. Representative Ted Lieu – Slayer of Trump Tweets – Endorses John Chiang for Governor Chiang Finishes the Weekend at Beach Cities


Santa Monica, CA – As part of a year-long campaign road trip, California gubernatorial candidate John Chiang will finish his weekend road trip in Santa Monica and Westwood. Chiang’s stop in Santa Monica will include receiving a key endorsement from U.S. Representative Ted Lieu.

Chiang’s road trip is inspired by the California road sign shaped like the shovels that the forty-niners brought to California with the mission to unearth a better future for their families. They came from every corner of the earth – to discover the California Dream, one that was built on the foundation of this unique experiment.

On the morning of Sunday, August 13, Chiang will join Rep. Ted Lieu to launch a series of Facebook and Twitter live streams starting at 9:00am.



Topics of discussion will include California’s resistance to the Trump administration’s attack on education, the consequences of pulling out from the Paris climate agreement, and what California will do to lead the nation in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

“John has a strong record of standing up for the common person, taking a different road and getting things done,” said Rep. Lieu. “We need a candidate we can trust, one we can relate to, one with the courage to hold others accountable. The future is uncertain but we have an opportunity to leave them in capable hands. We need new leadership that doesn’t add to the rhetoric but instead is resistant to policies that take us backwards in the progress we have made in this country.”

Rep. Ted Lieu has recently become a social media hero in his direct responses to the president’s tweets.

“Ted’s endorsement and support for this campaign makes me proud to be a Californian. We are diverse, we are relentless, and unapologetic in our progress for a better world,” Chiang said. “This campaign is about real people, real issues, choosing to take a different road. Ted is the definition of a leader, who has worked tirelessly to defend and protect the civil liberties of all Americans. He has taken a stand to protect the environment, veterans, and this country. I am honored and proud to call Ted my supporter and friend.”

After receiving the endorsement Chiang will then meet with local delegates in the Westside Region.

Since kicking off his year long road trip on June 6, Chiang has made stops in Boyle Heights, San Francisco, Lake Tahoe, Orange County, Santa Barbara, San Diego, Fresno, Bakersfield, Oakland, Berkeley, Alameda, Silicon Valley and Long Beach.